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Aaron Thompson
Aaron Thompson


I won't lie, it has been tough. These past few years, have brought me wrinkles and plenty of grey hair on my chin.  Raising a family has been like running a marathon.., in the snow.., wearing old dress shoes.., while carrying a tattered backpack full of kids!  But run the race, we must. 

This song came from different places in my life.  It will ultimately be at home in my album "Fear and Beautiful".  It was inspired by the bravery and awesome spirit of the runners, police and firemen and women of the Boston Marathon 2013.  It is dedicated to my wife Marian, and my brother Michael and his wife Kim and to all those runners out there.  This song is for you who light the candle and pass it on.   For you who know the struggle, know the pain and  won't give in to anger and negativity.  You who are not afraid to fight the fight and keep on keeping on!  It is then a metaphor for life's journey.  Don't give up, run the race.

  Peace and good,

aaron thompson