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We were blessed to be able to work with Aaron for the taping of Heart of the Nation's "My Sunday Mass." His liturgical music has a rhythm of sound and silence, like prayer that speaks to God and listens for His response. Aaron's prayerful love of music is infectious and we look forward to working with him again!
Hello. I have been enjoying your lately on the Milwaukee Heart of The Nation TV mass for the past few weekends on the television mass. I am unable to attend mass in person due to my health, and I just wanted to say how wonderful and inspiring your music is. I have thoroughly enjoyed it! Best wishes and God Bless.
Aaron - greatly appreciate your sharing your impressive vocal & piano talents on Heart of the Nation each week. I'm a professional musician and you have one of the best tenor voices I've heard. Your leadership of the choir and music selection/delivery are also appreciated. May God bless you & yours!
Aaron, Thank you again for performing at our "All Saints Assisted Living and Memory Care" resident and family Christmas party! We received so many compliments and positive praise about your performance! Not to mention you were so easy to work with- your professionalism and sense of humor were much appreciated! Your ability to reach out to the residents and their families, as well as your willingness to include the residents in your performance was certainly a blessing. It was an amazing evening for all and your music helped make that happen- such a blessing- thank you!!
Aaron, it was nice meeting you at Our Lady of the Pines when you came for our 5th Saturday celebration. Love your music. God bless you. Have been praying for you and your family. Jane
Thank you so very very much for sharing your time and talent. It meant a lot to the parish. I enjoyed your enthuthsiasm last night when you were doing your concert. But espesially your talk on the catholic vocabulary being so much bigger. Our time with you today as the music ministry was such a blessing to me. You reminded me of the power of the voice and that it is itself a prayer if used to the Glory of God. And if we are to bring the congregation into that prayer we need to be prayerful ourselves. You brought back the parts of mass that have been lost and forgoten by many of us. I hope that we in the ministry are able to bring that back it was beautiful as a child and will be beautiful to bring back. Thank you so much for letting me cantor for you (even if you made me go first). May God continue to bless you on your journey in your minstry.
Hi Just wanted to let you know my family loved your show in Colorado Springs at OLP - my son loved the video you showed. I had to work last night but heard you at mass with 10,000 Angels - you have an a amazing gift! Geoff
We were sitting at the breakfast table this morning after attending Our Lady of the Pines 5th Saturday last night and were trying to remember the Llama song. Could you send us the words? We have 4 kids as well (3 boys ages 10, 8, 5 and a 14 month old girl). Thanks again for your blessing presence last night!
Hi, Our church Our Savior's Lutheran Church in Hartland, WI is interested in booking a concert with you. A number of women saw you perform at the Women's breakfast on Feb.8 at St. John's in Stone Bank and were totally impressed! If you could send me some info that would be wonderful.
Aaron -SO enjoyed your music today at ST. John's church in Stone Bank. Thank you for an inspirational morning. Blessings, Kathy
Just returned from St. John's in Stone Bank - you are truly an INSPIRATION!!!!! Wings, so far, is my favorite. In Christ
Hi - Just thought of dropping you a note to say "thank you" - I worked in Phoenix for a short time many many years ago and went to St Thomas Aquinas even if it was a bit of a drive from home as it was always so inspiring to attend Mass with you serving. God bless you!
Aaron. I have recently moved to Madison, to live with Sue and Dell Brown, as I take care of Ann, Sue's Mother, as she enters the last chapter of her life. I so enjoy your music, and I recently received your 10K Angels CD from the family as a thank you gift. I am playing it today... I LOVEi t! I am soooo looking forward to hearing more of your music. Do you happen to sing for wedding? My daughter, Amy and hr Fiance' Jake are getting married June 14, next summer , in Green Bay. What would you charge for such an event, if possible, if I take care of all your expenses ? What a blessing it would be.... and the former Bishop Banks is officiating! I will be at church Saturday, if we get a chance to chat then. We usually sit in the first row of the back lower section. I will by by the wheelchair ..... I am looking forward to learning more about your musical mission. Thank you, Betty Jo )
I heard you today at the service for Tim Bauer. I was extremely moved by your beautiful music! What awesome talent you have! Thank you!
In 2012 Nat'l Black Catholic Congress Louise Davis was in your choir and she is interested in two of your music pieces from the liturgy book "Faith Engaged" and the book you prepared for each choir member. Louise would like to teach two of your songs to the African/American Choir here in Albuquerque, NM...."Go Now" and "You Save My Life, Lord" I went to WLP website to find Octavos and couldn't find them. What shall I do for Louise?
Hi, Aaron, I was one of the Sisters privileged to hear you sing/play at the Knights of Columbus on Thursday. I just want to let you know that your concert was the best "entertainment" [as the KCs call it] that we have ever heard at the annual Sisters' Appreciation night. Your musical skills are superb, and I just want you to know that afterwards a number of us said-- "Wow, that's the best! that is quality music...." Thank you VERY much, and blessings on your music ministry-- what a gift God has given you! Sister Mary
Hi Love Tree of Life.
Lead music in chapel in medical center in Nj. Needed song for Lent found Tree of Life in misselet. It has become well loved. Also teach in Christian preschool. Sing just the chorus for children. They are moved to sing and dance expressively. Thank you.
You were awesome at the Catholic Center in Shrevepport! Thanks for coming! You are very inspiring!
Dear Sir, I'm from Catalonia, I listened your song 10000 angels and liked very much. I would like to play it with the youth group in our church but I don't find the chords,if possible, could you send them to me? Thanks and God bless you!!!! kisses from Spain!
Thanks for coming to Shreveport. Great message! Great music!
You were so great today at the Shreveport Catholic Center!!!! Thanks for coming. By the way, I still have that Llama song in my head. :) :P
I saw you perform last evening at Notre Dame of Mt. Carmel and saw the joy you havew in your wonderful gifts. Your voice is beautiful and my teen and her friends were most impressed with your performance out of all the performances of the night! I think we need to buy your CD for the car stereo!!! :) God Bless you as you continue this important work and share His Love...
"Your songwriting is original, inspiring and always has a Spirit-Filled message that uplifts my soul!" Thank You for taking the time to do music the right way and with integrity.
AT, Your music has helped me remain inspired, upbeat, and connected during this deployment overseas. A song of faith goes a long way when the day grows weary. I am proud of the new 'universal' project you launched...it will inspire many and lead them to the Eucharist, a gift we need. Your brother in faith. Pax, padre
Love your music its made a bid difference in the world....
Aaron, Thank You for your beautiful music at my Mother's Funeral Mass. I encourage you to add "I Can Only Imagine" on your website. All of the music was excellent, however this song was our favorite: Beautiful, as it was meaningful to all of us. We have had so many compliments regarding how special and beautiful the Memorial Mass was. Just as it should of been for our wonderful and loving Mother. Best of luck to you! You have great talent and couldn't be in better company than with Father Heier, Erick, all of the staff and members of St. Thomas Aquinas. With sincere thanks and appreciation, Rita's family.
Hi Aaron, I just wanted to leave you a little message of encouragement-I have just discovered your music this morning searching through YouTube for Catholic Music, and stumbled across a show you were on called "life on the rock" You have a lovely voice and an obvious passion for Our Lord and His Church. I am a fellow musician, and a recent convert to the Church from protestantism, so it was encouraging to see you and what you are doing. God bless you brother, Steven Leeder
I met you last summer at the Bluffton Youth Confrence and i LOVED you... im so excited to see you again in July :)))
I witnessed your ministry at St. Pius and love your music. You are an amazing inspiration. Thank you so much!!
We have been listening to 10,000.00 Angels.......what a fantastic CD. Hope enjoys it very much. Continue the wonder work. Dawn
Dear Mr.Thompson, I was given the task of creating a lesson plan about a current American catholic that has made a difference in peoples lifes. I have the youngest class in the school the three year olds. I knew I wanted to do a person that was a singer , because my children relate better when they can experience something. I started a search and I am happy to say my journey led me to your web site. Your music really spoke to me. I know my children will love to learn about you and listen and dance to your music.
Aaron, you recently were in Lansing at St Gerard Church. I just wanted to let you know that I am in a real difficult time of my life and your music gave me a hope that i havent had in a long time. My wife and I love your music. Thank You Rene Gonzalez
Aaron-I grew up in Madison attending St. Thomas Aquinas Church and let me say, returning home for the holidays has been such a treat since you've joined the parish. Your voice is amazing and always moves me to near tears both in celebrating joy and recognizing sorrow. You are indeed a gift to us all, thank you for sharing your talent and faith.
Aaron & Marian, I was listening to some Christian music last night while falling asleep and thought of you and your beautiful inspiring work. Sorry to see that you've left Arizona but I just want you to know I was thinking about you. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family. Many blessings always.
Gra and peace! I'm from Brazil and I know little of his work. More is a blessing for us Catholics.
I was looking for a new Psalm 45 for the Feast of the Assumption, in a google search Catholic Music network came up with your CD Blessed One. I could not purchase through that site or WLP. I would love to purchase the CD and Sheet music to add to our LifeTeen liturgies
Aaron I would like to formaly thank you for my DYC experience. During Adoration i felt this thing i prayed to God and he sent me a sign and the wind blow kinda hard. I asked him to show himself to me and I got the breeze. I don't think I would ever been able to do it without the wonderful music. Oh, by the way my favorite song was Wings!
Love your new album....10,000Angels esp. Wings. Wished you would put Wings on you tube to be able to post to fb. May God bless your music ministry/career.
Will you be playing at any Catholic venues this year and next?
Hello Aaron, You may not remember me. We went to college together at NAU. We were both in the Newman Center Choir at the time. This was, of course, in the mid 80's. I was there when you did your first concert when your Mom came up from Phoenix. How is she? I read about her illness in the liner notes of your CD. I work with the elderly and disabled as a Certified Caregiver. I understand how painful this can be for families. Remember, parents never forget their children even if an illness or aging makes it difficult to express their love, the connection is always there. I often think of you and Martin Lang. I still remember how powerful Godspell was. Do you stay in contact with Martin at all? Mary Cox lives in Tucson and so do I. I read that you moved to Wisconsin this winter. That's not really the best time to move to Wisconsin! I have four of your CD's. It's wonderful to hear how your music and writing have matured over the years. For your next project, please play more trumpet. That was your first love. Bring it back please. Congrats on the appearance on EWTN. That's great. Unfortunately, I didn't see it when it first aired. I'll try to find it as an encore. All the Best, Nancy Martignetti
Hi Aaron. Do you remember me from the gl;orious P2BC days? Andy
God is with you! T.Y.!!!
Hi Aaron, your music is very inspiring with very good music arrangments and lyrics. I was totally blown away! You're definately a gift to the church! Keep it coming! God bless you, your family and your ministry!
I saw you on EWTN and wanted to know more about you and your music.
Hi Aaron, Saw you on EWTN. Just wanted you to know that i really liked it. 10 000 Angels is a beautiful song and just makes me cry b/c I came back "Home" to the Catholic just about a year ago. The lyrics really spoke to me. You are very talented. I do wish the video for that song that I saw on youtube had some Catholic-looking stuff in it though, to show ignorant Protestants that someone with such a heart for the Lord is a Catholic...Be bold in all your work to show this. But, in any case, you are very good. I like to listen to someone who knows what they are singing about, rather than the protestant "Christian Rock" bands that are not living the authentic, FULL Christianity of Catholicism...
Aaron: I heard you on EWTN's Life On The Rock....you were INCREDIBLE! I live in Mineral Point, 45 Minutes from Madison and would love to bring my sons to hear you. Do you have any concerts booked soon? I am that mother that is trying to instill in my sons (Christian, age 12 & Josh, age 10) a love for music, the fine arts....I know they would love to hear you perform! Thank you for sharing your talents with us. I was so uplifted and blessed by the end of the program. sigh. smile. From a mother who is trying to instill in her two sons-a love for something other than video games, the computer, and sports (not that I think any of these are bad, mind you!)- Elizabeth
We first heard (& saw) you on 'Life on the Rock' and were very impressed with your music. The joy and love of Christ shines brightly in you as you share your gift of music. Thank you for sharing this beautiful gift with the world. Kevin + Annette & family
Hi Aaron, Blessings to you and for your ministry under the direction of the Holy Spirit. I looked at Life on the Rock (a rerun) when you were featured and I find your music excellent. I always try to find Catholic musicians to enrich my faith in music, but most times I have to resort to the Evangelicals because the Catholic musicians do not market their music as rigorously. Thank you for answering the call, and keep on keeping on. From Trinidad & Tobago
My Husband Steve and I watched you sing 10,000 Angels and felt moved to tears and to fall at the feet of Jesus in The Blessed Sacrament in Adoration and Praise ,Thanksgiving. You have used your voice to convey his love and mercy. You are Doing His Will With your commitment to excellence and faith Ispiring Music. Thanks & God Bless your ministry
Aaron, I just saw you on Life on the Rock. You are great, God has truly blessed you with a wondeful voice and musical talent to spare! I can't wait to hear the rest of the album 10,000 angles made me cry. The peace of God be with you. -Fred
The "Easter Song" is phenomenal! Love your music! Where have you been?!!
Love your music! I've passed it on to my daughter, friends and family.
So glad to see you on EWTN. Brought back many wonderful memories of music at St. Annes. We wish you the best of God's peace and joy, john and ina
I just watched the EWTN "Life On The Rock" from this past week! It was great! You & I have never met directly, but you and Father Donn have "lifted me up" so many times (because I fall down {lots}), and have carried me through some very rough personal times on this earth these past few years. I have your CD, 10,000 Angels. and listen to it most everyday. I thank the Lord for the blessing of being able to celebrate the Mass with you both each and every time I am able to be at St. Thomas Aquinas. Your ministry with music together with Father Donn's open sincere sharing of faith is truly a gift from God to those of us who come to celebrate with you. My deepest thanks to you both. Praise be to God for your talents and gifts of ministry! You are in my prayers. I am a Christain work in progress, as Fr. Donn says, and your ministry of music helps to "fill me up!" God bless.
Saw you on Life on the Rock, EWTN. Encouraged my 16 year old son to watch today (he's a musician/guitarist). We love your music - Be BLESSED!! Yes, you really ARE!!! Friends in Springfield, Illinois (it gets really cold here too!) Teri, Tim, Ryan & Greg
For years we weren't able to get EWTN luckly with prayer we are "finally" able to receive this channel. I happened to see you on "Life On The Rock" singing "Ten Thousand Angels." What a beautiful song and what a beautiful voice you have. This morning I looked up your site and started playing "Ten Thousand Angels," and my 27 year old son starting singing along. Now that's inspiration. Thank you for the beautiful music and I hope to hear much more from you. Lydia
I caught you on "Life on the Rock" and was mesmerized by "Ten Thousand Angels".My mom has been trying for years to watch EWTN and I never did. I only recently came back to the church and am lucky enough to attend a Latin Mass. Do you write in latin by any chance? Celeste
Please come to LV--this city could use such a breath of fresh air, strong faith you have, beautiful family life, talent. Bless you ~~ maybe you will be given your own program on EWTN!!--How great would that be?!!
Hi Aaron, just wanted to let you know that your song 10,000 Angels truly inspired me to share with my 10yr old daughter how important it is to pray for the vocation that God calls us to and if it is marriage,that we as parents need to pray for that as well. Amen!
Really, really enjoyed your appearance last night on "Life On The Rock." Buying your music right now! I love acoustic "troubador" music, child of the 70's that I am, but you're not dated one little bit. Looking forward to singing along in the car!
I am watching you on EWTN, what a beautiful gift God had given you. The gift of a beautiful voice!!! God Bless you!!
I just saw your performance on EWTN. You are an amazing talent! I'm looking forward to buying your CD. God Bless You.
Saw you on The Rock just now and really enjoy your music! Can't wait to buy the cd! God bless you and your family.
Just finished listening to you on Life on the Rock, it was an interesting and soul filling show i enjoyed it. I am overwhelmed to see a young person deeply involved in his faith and inspiring his family and others to do the same, May God continue to bless and inspire you.
I really enjoy your music! God Bless You...
Just saw you on "The Rock" and loved your music. May God continue to bless you and your family in the work that you are doing. You are very inspiring.
I saw you on Life On the Rock this evening. I was very impressed and inspired. Keep up your ministry. It is sorely needed. Loved the picture of your family.
Just saw you on the Rock and loved your performance and your inspiring faith. Will download album from itunes. Thanks a million and may God Bless Your Work.
Just saw you on the Rock...love your music...A parishioner from St. Patrick in Scottsdale.
Aaron, Your performance at Holy Family mass this weekend was exhilarating. Thank you for your commitment and courage to share your talents.
Hi, Aaron Thompson: I am a leader of Sacred Heart Youth Group in Victoria, BC and I love your music. Thank you for sharing your gift.
Hello Aaron keep up the amazing gift that the Lord has given to you and you wonderful and I love the Wings song it's truly amazing and heartfelt and I like it alot cause it reminds me of the relationship my sister and dad have and it was like God (Jesus) knew I was looking for something like that. Also your music coenicide with my other Catholic Musician Best friend back home in MA were I am from. Thank for all you do and God Bless
Hey dad! Keep writing music! Love you!
You are totally awesome Aaron Much love. Hope sends her love and wants you to play her game with her
Hey Aaron, This is the kid from NCYC with the same coloured shoe-laces. I was thinking about things and I was wondering if you would be interested in working together to write a song. I write lyrics and music and I thought it would be very beneficial to me, and possibly beneficial to you, to work together on a song. No pressures of course, but if you like the idea, send me a mail. It would be interesting to try to do it using only e'mails and Facebook.
Love you !!!
I really enjoyed listening to your music (and your words) last night at St. Edna. The song you wrote for your daughter really touched me and your CD is awesome - my daughter and I were listening to it today. Thank you for sharing your talents with us!
Great concert last night at St. Edna's in Arlington Heights, IL. You've integrated great music with your own spirtuality as a husband, father, performer and minister.
My husband and I enjoyed listening to you at St. Edna's today. I am glad that Theresa (below) was touched by your music. I hope she attends the concert. Thank you!
i saw you today at st.edna's parish...you truly touched my heart and i thank you for that. im 17 years old and ive been searching for some answers and a way to find faith and hope through hardships. ive lost my way from my faith after my mom passed away and listening to your music makes me want to continue on my walk with God and continue to follow the message God lovingly gives each of us. i thank you aaron and God bless you in all that you do. your an inspiration to many.
love your music especially blessed one
Great sound brother. congrats on the new album always a pleasure listening to you.
Now I understand how alive with the joy of music our Massess can be!!! Thank you
Don't know if you remember me but I sang with you @ St. Thomas the apostle. Wanted to see how you are doing. Looks like you are all the way in WI now. I picked up the bass. (never thought I'd be a bassist) and playing at City Life Church in Glendale. I'd like to hear some of your new stuff. Let me know how to get a hold of your Music. 602-620-3461 God Bless
Dear Aaron, I have followed your Music ever since your were the Music Director at St Helen's Catholic Church in Glendale, AZ. Then I HAD to follow your Music to St. Thomas by the Biltmore, in Phoenix. I never made it over to Gilbert to see you at St. Annes. I was so sad!!! I have never heard such music in all my life that has blessed me like you have!! I know you are gifted from our Lord in a mighty way!!! I pray for your Ministry and I know you will continue to go far in life. May God Bless you and your family and your Music for the glory of our Lord!!! In Christ Kathleen
hey man, long time no hear. I work for a private school now and there is this girl who works here whose name is Sandy Champion and I asked her if she ever heard of you and she said she used to go to school with you. I never stopped thinking about you or Marion or little Mikey. I hope you get this and give me a ring so we can catch up. Hope to talk to you soon. Bo
Aaron, we were members of St Anne's in Gilbert and were introduced to you and your music. We moved about 4 years ago and miss hearing you play ( though we bought your music and is on my Ipod) can you tell me where I can get sheet music to Tree of Life? I don't play the Piano well but the song resonates in me. By the way indirectly because of you... my son plays the guitar in our comtemporary mass ( they plays lots of Chris Tomlin) thanks again and I hope you are doing well...
April 21, 2009 Your music was found on the article of www.catholicscomehome.org . The article was introduced in the catholic newspaper in Korea. Your music gives the inspiration. Thanks for your songs.. God bless!
My husband & I are parishoners at St Anne Catholic Parish in Gilbert, AZ. Although we really miss hearing you at Mass, we also understand & admire your courage to take the steps you have. We wish you continued success & blessings. I introduced my teen-aged non-Cathoulic Niece to your music a few year ago during one of her visits from Illinois. She loved it so much I bought her your CD's. She took them to her Church & played them at a youth retreat where they were very well recieved. Your music truly reaches a wide range of ages & denominations. Keep up the wonderful work. God Bless you & your family.
Your music is absolutely incredible. I will share with all my christian friends. Bye the way I went to school with your wife Marian My name was Rachel Vallee then. God Bless
Hi Aaron! I always listen to your CD's and never get tired of it! So sad that I miss your Concert in St Thomas! God Bless!
Hi Aaron! I'm glad to hear you are doing well! We miss you here in AZ!I am looking forward to hearing your new cd... God Bless you and your family!
We miss you in Arizona!! St. Anne has not been the same since you left. When are you visiting
Your concert was awesome at St Thomas Aquinas Church about 1 week ago. Your music is beautiful. It is apparent that Christ is working in your life. Thank you for coming to Madison, WI.
Your concert was awesome tonight, Aaron!!! : - )
link STA my friend. We can Build Them Strong!! pax padre
aaron- what a difference in life style for you and the family. mark told me you moved to wi. burr!!! got any new music coming out soon. st thomas music has not been the same since you left..
Hi! Saw article about you in the Catholic Herald (I'm in Madison Diocese). It would be great to get you for a concert in Beloit. How far in advance must this be booked? What is the cost involved? We really need something to light a fire under our youth here; I'm not a youth minister, just an interested parishioner (and mom of 3 grown young men). God bless, Miriam
Miss you and your wonderful music at St. Anne's!!!
Aaron, don't forget to make a link to WLP on your links page! Maybe you should make it directly to your album, not just your artist page. Just a suggestion... CK