Aaron Thompson

10,000 Angels


Expressing a passion for the Lord and an earnest desire to praise God, 10,000 Angels proves to be an uplifting musical experience. Inspirational lyrics and an exceptional, soulful sound drive Aaron Thompson's latest release.

Alive in Me - LP CD

Alive in Me – Aaron Thompson
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Alive in Me – Aaron Thompson

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  •  Salt - Aaron Thompson
     Every Nation On Earth - Aaron Thompson
  •  Stain Me - Aaron Thompson
     The Lord is King - Aaron Thompson
  •  Set Me As A Seal- Aaron Thompson
  •  The Lord Upholds My Life- Aaron Thompson
  •  Go Now- Aaron Thompson
  • In a time that often seems fear-filled and polarized, this music is an offering of unity, passion, and mission. I believe that the answer to fear is not courage, it is Beatitude. when Christians are lived Beatitudes, lived blessings, we make a difference at home and in our neighborhoods and communities.  Beatitude calls us to be more than mere repeaters of belief; it demands that we take up our own cross, as Christ commanded, and as he did himself. We need to encounter Christ this way and, as Veronica did, reveal the face of Christ to a world that needs very much to behold him.