Aaron Thompson

 I've been blessed to write music and play concerts all over the place, but my most important work is as a father of four kids.  My kids  my words and actions.  No doubt that these are strange and heart wrenching times in our country.  It is more important than ever that Catholics and people of faith find  a common ground to begin respectful conversation.  It has become almost too easy to be partisan and uncharitable in our language.  I hope to model for my children what it means to show respect and charity towards another human being.  It is in our example of kindness that words become a doorway for others to draw closer in curiosity, or a wall of violent, selfish words that further the divide of our shared humanity.  I choose to be a bridge for human dignity.   :-)   

Hope-filled themes, driving rhythms and dramatic yet sing-able melodies are the soul of Thompson’s studio albums and also his liturgical compositions.     A devout Catholic, Christian, and parent, Aaron Thompson proves to be an inspiration to those around him, expressing his Catholic spirituality through song, personal relationships and a passion for prayer. 

Born on the South side of Chicago in 1967 to attorney Walter and Mrs. Yvonne Thompson.  Aaron’s dad a cradle Catholic, his mom a convert from the Episcopal faith raised their four children faithfully and fatefully in the Catholic Church.  Gang violence and hopes for better education called the young family from the South side of Chicago to the North shore of Glencoe in 1972, there, Aaron and his three siblings received the Sacraments and grew in faith at Sacred Heart parish in Winnetka.  1976 called the family West to Arizona, where Saint Maria Goretti parish in Scottsdale, AZ became home.  “Mom and my sister always sang dad served on parish council, “I was an altar server”.   

In Arizona a hunger for answers and passion for excellence began to form as Thompson observed dynamic pastoral composers and musicians like Tom Kendzia, Paul Hillebrand, Cyprian Consiglio, Rory Cooney and Gary Daigle compose liturgical music and direct choirs.  Aaron excelled quickly in music as a classical trumpet player and was granted a full performance scholarship at Northern Arizona University.   The Newman Center became his home while a hunger for “skills and tools” drove him to study piano, guitar and composition.  Thompson also discovered he could sing at the age of 20.  Requests to perform at weddings gave opportunity to become familiar with the pipe organ, choral works and classical vocal pieces.  After graduation, Thompson accepted his first full time position as Director of Music at Saint John Vianney parish in mystical Sedona Arizona. 

 “Sometimes I think I have more questions than answers at the end of each day.     – Thompson sums it up in the lyrics of his Third studio album Alive in Me where he sings “…thank you for your Blood and your Body, Soul and Divinity,  now may the world see your presence alive in me.  May the world see, your presence alive in me”. 


Peace and Good,


Aaron Thompson